Contemplating Creation During

This blog is part of a weekly summer series.

Meditative Reading:

Sometimes we can forget that we too are part of creation, especially when so much of our lives seems to exist online. How do you understand your connection to creation? Has that changed through the summer? What do you feel is your responsibility towards other parts of creation?

Genesis 1:26-2:23

Job 38:1- 40:2 (where were you)

Hosea 4:1-3 (the land mourns and all are perishing)

Matthew 25:31-45 (When you did this to the least of these)

Luke 10:25-37 (the Good Samaritan)



Photo by Dave Klassen 

Spiritual Practices:

  • Our understanding of the word “dominion” from the Genesis account has greatly damaged our understanding of humanity’s role within creation and there continues to be much dispute about what it means. How does the second account wording of “till and keep it” change your understanding of humanity’s responsibility to creation? Go outside, or sit by a window and consider the ways it might seem that human beings have the negative understanding of dominion over your local environment. How might you change your actions towards keeping and sustaining creation?


  • Map your yard or larger neighbourhood based on your experience this summer. Note the waterways, plant life, animal life and insects you have noticed who live in or frequent this space. How would your understanding of this area change if you considered these other forms of creation your neighbours? (If you want to go deeper with this activity, check out the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada’s community mapping resource).


  • Find a quiet place to sit (either inside or outside) and begin to close your eyes and pay attention to your breathing. Call to mind the words of blessing from the Genesis account, spoken to all members of creation and to you personally. Call to mind someone who loves you and imagine the blessings and well wishes flowing from them to you. When you feel ready, imagine yourself sending that loving kindness on to that person or another loved one. Slowly move to sending that blessing to an acquaintance, and if you can to someone you find difficult. Close by sending loving kindness to yourself, as a beloved child of God. 




Erika lives in Kitchener with her husband Cameron and her son Levi. She works as the Spiritual and Student Development Advisor at St. Jerome’s University where she engages in conversations with SJ community members about spirituality, justice, and leadership. Erika loves spending time outside with her family, listening to audiobooks, and cooking new foods.

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