Pastors in Exile is a progressive and affirming community-based ministry that seeks to empower young adults as they explore and deepen the spiritual meaning of their lives, world, work and activism.

At PiE, young adults come together to live out Jesus’ teachings of radical love, peacebuilding, and social justice, and to care for the Earth God loves.  

At PiE, we strive to be attuned to the ways that power, privilege and marginalization impact the young adults we engage with and to offer them meaningful and relevant ways to share their gifts with both the PiE community and the broader church community.   

Inspired by the Anabaptist Mennonite faith tradition, PiE brings together young adults from many denominations and spiritualities as well as those who are in a place of questioning their spiritual identity.

The work of PiE includes facilitating groups and events, hosting retreats, providing pastoral care for young adults in our community, engaging in intergenerational dialogue, and supporting young adults to find a spiritual home. To learn more about PiE’s current activities go to what’s happening?

PiE is a registered charitable organization made up of two community based pastors working alongside volunteers and supported by a board of directors. Visit our team” to learn more about our pastors, or visit our FAQs page for more information.