Come have PiE with us!

After almost a year of visioning, talking, sharing, despairing, praying, and experimenting, we are now ready to bring Pastors in Exile publically to our community.

Ultimately though, PiE is not just for us, PiE is for you. We have poured our time, money and energy into this as a gift for you, our local community, both “churched” and not. You do with this gift what you will – and we are eager to walk alongside you as you do.

How can you be involved? There are lots of ways, but here are some tangible stuff we have been working on:

  • Write a blog post for us! Pretty much anything is fair game – just remember to write it in a “loving your neighbour/loving the other” kind of way.
  • Boldly be that first one to post a comment on a blog or facebook post; share with others; follow us and like us.
  • Ask one of us to treat you to a drink & a chat
  • Come to our official launch event in September – TBA.
  • In the fall, on the first evening of every month, come pray with us!
  • Also starting in the fall, Jessica is working on a feminist bible study, and Chris is working on a reclaiming doubt bible study.  We both need more volunteers to help us plan these.
  • Think about your own passions, gifts and values – what would you want to bring to PiE? Come to us with your ideas.
  • Offer us your constructive expertise (cough, website, cough)
  • Post upcoming events on the Mennos & Friends page, or e-mail us to put it on our website’s event calendar.
  • Donate seed money – we definitely could use it if you have some to give. 🙂

If you’re interested in or have questions about any of these, send either Chris or Jessica an e-mail (we’re not posting our e-mails, but it’s quite easy to figure out – our first names (jessica or chris) at ). Alternatively, you can use the e-mail form here.

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