Jesus Camp: a Contemplative Retreat

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Why this retreat?

It can be uncomfortable talking about Jesus. When other Christians yell “Jesus saves” as the Pride march passes and we sense that the name Jesus has come to represent judgment and exclusion, rather than radical love and inclusion, we don’t want to be affiliated with those forms of Christianity.

Jesus comes with baggage these days.

We’ve noticed that in PiE circles at least, we tend to talk about God more than we do about Jesus. We freely explore our images of God, but what about our images of Jesus? Who is Jesus for us? Who is Jesus for me?

Jesus Camp is a retreat where you should not pack lightly (at least metaphorically!).

Bring every piece of baggage you may wish to engage around your experience and understanding of Jesus. Through conversation, prayer, and individual reflection, we’ll explore our relationships with this historical, mystical, divine/human figure known as Jesus.

This will be a weekend of open exploration with other young adults – this is about where you are at, not about where we think you ‘should’ be with Jesus.

Doubt, resistance, struggle with the relevance of Jesus – all of this is welcome. Jesus was a master of disruption so disrupt away. Love, confidence, longing for deeper intimacy with Jesus – all of this is welcome too.

We hope this weekend will be a space to honour our deepest questions and tend to the longings of our souls.

What to Expect:
  • With an emphasis on listening within, this retreat will have large spaces devoted to silence and personal prayer.
  • Sessions where we explore different ideas and images of who Jesus was and is
  • Small group spaces for reflection and sharing
  • As desired, the opportunity to meet for individual conversation with Tamara or Jessica
Registration Fees:

Full Price – $210
Employed but need some help – $155
Students/Unemployed – $100

Registration Deadline: October 22, 2018

Our space is limited to 22 people, so if you are interested, don’t delay in registering!
To register – go to our registration form, found HERE.

Everyone is invited at arrive by 7 pm on Friday night, and the retreat will end after lunch on Sunday around 2 pm.
For further information, please contact Tamara Shantz.


Details about Crieff Hills Community:

Crieff Hills is a retreat centre located just outside of Cambridge. Crieff provides a beautiful space to explore and engage including walking trails, an outdoor labyrinth, and a small cabin devoted to prayer.

We will be staying in St. Luke’s Lodge. Rooms will be shared with one other person. Meals will be taken in the main dining hall at Crieff with other conference groups.

Retreat Facilitators:


Jessica Reesor Rempel serves as a pastor with PiE.
 Jessica is passionate about nurturing community, extending radical hospitality and seeking out sacred moments in the midst of the mundane. 



Tamara Shantz serves as a pastor with PiE. She is also a spiritual director and Enneagram teacher in the KW community. Tamara’s understanding of who Jesus is has really expanded in recent years. She is excited to have the opportunity to reflect on some of these themes further with the PiE community.