Our Values

At Pastors in Exile we value:

LOVINGWe live in Jesus’ radical love that overcomes all boundaries, oppression, & fear

BRIDGINGbridging the gap between generations and diverse theological viewpoints

TRANSCENDINGwe believe that faith transcends church walls

HOPINGwe choose to believe that there is hope for church in exile

INCLUDING we are all God’s children in all of our diverse identities – this is messy and beautiful!

CREATINGWe see the Spirit moving in new, creative & exciting ways in this exile

We welcome everyone to join in the movement of PiE. We work out of an Anabaptist-Christian framework. These days, we’re intrigued by how our friend Palmer Becker explains Anabaptism:

Jesus is the centre of our faith

Community is the centre of our lives

Reconciliation is the centre of our work

This is just one way of explaining it. Like all movements Anabaptism, is constantly evolving. We are excited to see where the Spirit of God moves next!