2022 Annual Report

A year in review…

2022 marks 7 years for Pastors in Exile (our very own year of jubilee!). As we reflect on all of the transitions and growth that happened for PiE over the course of the year, we find ourselves full of gratitude for the ways joy has made itself known to our community. As you read the PiE year in review, we hope you will feel that same sense of jubilee about what has transpired and all that is to come.

At the start of the year, the PiE board and staff went through a visioning process to recast our vision statement to truly capture the current work and focus of PiE. Though this time of year saw another staffing transition as we said goodbye to PiE Pastor Pamela Girardi, Pamela accompanied us in the visioning support and contributed greatly to PiE’s ongoing journey.

PiE’s new vision statement:

Pastors in Exile is a progressive and affirming community-based ministry that seeks to empower young adults as they explore and deepen the spiritual meaning of their lives, world, work and activism.

(If you would like to read the rest of our vision, you can find it on the homepage of our website.)

Ideas from Queer Joy Retreat participants about what queer affirmation means to them.

While we were down a pastor for most of the year, we were still able to run our yearly Winter Camp for Grownups, a Feminist Bible Study Series, and gatherings over the summer. Though our programming slowed down, staff and board members were working faithfully behind the scenes throughout the year to support the ongoing work of PiE. With a vision to hire PiE’s first ever full-time Pastor, fundraising efforts went into full swing to make this idea a reality. Thanks to the commitment and support of several donors, PiE was able to embark on a hiring process over the summer and into the fall. In October, we again encountered joy through being able to hire PiE’s first ever full-time Pastor in Steph Chandler Burns. As a long-time member of the PiE community, we are so grateful for Steph and the ways they have and will continue to use their gifts in our community.

The extremely creative logo from the “Jonah’s Brothers” Bible Trivia team.
We are excited to welcome
Steph Chandler Burns to
the PiE team!

Fundraising events in 2022 included the successful return of our online auction and the always popular Bible Trivia for Grownups. While the trash-talk between teams may have been at an all time high, much fun was had by all and funds raised went to support our 2SLGBTQ+ affirming programming. This programming included our first ever Queer Joy Retreat held in November, and our Trans Day of Remembrance service.

With expanded staff capacity, we were able to host an 8-week Bible Study series on the book of Jonah, a Candles for COP27 Service in partnership with Burning Bush Forest Church, a Feminist Advent Hymn Sing, and one-on-one connections with participants was able to resume. There is an excitement and joy around the direction and work of PiE that grew throughout 2022 and has followed us as we continue to try new things in 2023. We are grateful for everything this time of growth has taught us and appreciate all of you encouragement and support that has carried us through.

Thank you, volunteers!

We are so grateful for those of you who volunteered throughout 2022 to continue to make PiE a thriving community amidst our year of transition and visioning.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Rebekah Ludolph for all of her assistance in making our Online Auction a big success! Thank you also to all of the business and individuals who donated items toward the auction.

This year we are especially grateful for the support, encouragement, and direction of the outstanding people who make up the PiE board. Thank you to Nolan Andres, Meghan MacMillan, Myrna Miller Dyck, and Caleb Redekop.

We would like to particularly recognize the leadership and support of our outgoing board members: Heather Lee and Steph Chandler Burns. Thank you for your years of service to the PiE community in the role of board member.

Thank you, ministry partners!

We were privileged to partner with some amazing ministries throughout 2022.

Thank you:

Burning Bush Forest Church (Easter Sunday Sunrise Service and Candles for COP27 Service)

Silver Lake Mennonite Camp (Winter Camp for Grownups)

W-K United Mennonite Church (regularly donates office space and space for us to run programs)

Financial Update

2022 was an in-between year for PiE in many ways, including financially. As we took time to discern our direction as an organization and engage in the search for a full-time pastor, there were fewer organizational expenses but there was also reduced capacity for fundraising. Much of the fundraising energy for 2022 went into securing funding to support our full-time pastor in 2023 and beyond, and thus we are thankful to have had reserves to draw upon to cover our expenses in this year of transitions. 2022 also marked a change from 2020 and 2021 in that PiE did not receive any government pandemic subsidies.

As 2023 gets underway, we are excited to have increased staff time, increased programming, and increased capacity to fundraise in a sustainable way that does not rely on government subsidies.

We are grateful for the continued support of our monthly donors and supporters. We couldn’t do this work without you!

Financial Summary

The fiscal year ended December 31, 2022

Thank you, Church Donors!

PiE is ever grateful for the donations of the many churches who support PiE’s work through offerings or including us in their budgets.

Thank you to:

Basilian Human Development Fund

Stirling Ave Mennonite Church

W-K United Mennonite Church

Erb St Mennonite Church and

Waterloo North Mennonite Church

Annual Report 2022