2021 Annual Report

A year in review…

If 2020 taught PiE about flexibility in the midst of changes that are beyond our control, 2021 gave us the opportunity to flex our adaptability muscles and lean into even more creativity for new ways to care for creation, ourselves, and one another. As the pandemic continued to put a limit on our ability to gather together like we have been used to, we continued to seek new ways to connect and make the most of any opportunity to connect from afar.

In the winter, both Queerly Christian and Feminist Bible Study continued to meet virtually. As spring was on the horizon and we looked for ways to share aspects of Lent together, PiE started sending care packages to participants which contained treats, Lenten devotionals, and packets of glitter ashes to be used in our virtual Ash Wednesday service. We were able to gather together for Easter on both Good Friday, for a distanced rock walk, and our annual Easter Sunrise Celebration service online. It was such a gift to be able to mark that time together.

PiE’s staff team expanded over the summer as we brought on Becca Sawyer to fill our brand new position of Development and Communications Manager. We are grateful for the ways we have grown as a ministry to be able to bring Becca onboard to focus on our social media presence, fundraising, and sharing the story of PiE.

As we moved into the fall, we continued to meet outside, capitalizing on any remaining good weather. Participants gathered in October for our Holy Rest Retreat with the focus of reclaiming sabbath in a stressed out world. The retreat ended in an evening Night Church service with music from Ben Bolt-Martin. Feminist Bible Study was able to meet together inside to look at the book of Esther and body image. Queerly Christian also met for a series of “Crafting and Communion” gatherings that alternated between being virtual and in person. We also held our second successful virtual Bible Trivia fundraising event. Participants really got into the spirit of competition and pulled out aspects of Song of Solomon for their Zoom backgrounds and costume choices.

Bible Trivia Online Edition

Advent preparations included sending out our third care package for the year which included Geez Magazine’s Advent devotional. We started the season with a virtual service featuring music from Rebekah Ludolph and Nathan Mantey. PiE also made our very own Advent devotional, with weekly reflections from PiE pastors Jessie and Pamela, as an offering for participants and all of those connected with PiE. We were also able to gather one last time before the end of the year for a virtual Longest Night service facilitated by Rev. Michiko Bown-Kai around the subject of lament for creation.

We are grateful for all of the opportunities to care for each other that 2021 gave us. Whether 2022 continues the need for flexibility and virtual gatherings, or gives us the opportunity to be in person together more often, we trust that our times together will be meaningful and reflective of the care the PiE community continues to offer one another.

Thank you, volunteers!

We want to thank all of the volunteers that bring so much vibrancy, direction and meaning through the gifts they give to this ministry!

Thank you to the QC and FBS participants who share their gifts of music leadership, facilitation, leading games, leading crafts and so much more.

Thank you to the community members who supported our retreats and night churches by playing instruments, baking communion rolls for large numbers, taking photographs and leading parts of worship.

Thank you to all who help PiE grow through supporting and helping out at our fundraising events – such as Bible Trivia night.

PiE Board Members and Staff

The PiE board shares so much of their time and strengths to support PiE’s ministry. Thank you to Nolan Andres, Steph Chandler-Burns, Heather Lee, Meghan MacMillan, Myrna Miller Dyck, and Caleb Redekop.

Thank you, Pamela!

We wish to extend our deepest gratitude to PiE Pastor Pamela Girardi who, after 3 years of ministry with PiE, has transitioned into full-time ministry at Harcourt United Church in Guelph.

We are grateful for all of the ways that PiE has been shaped by Pamela’s gifts and skills and though we will miss working closely with her here, we are thrilled for what this change will mean for both her family and the community at Harcourt.

Thank you, Pamela!

Financial Update

Though the challenge to be creative in 2021 spilled over to PiE’s fundraising efforts, we had a very successful year. Wage subsidies from the federal government continued to support any gaps in income and we were encouraged by a very successful Bible Trivia event. We are grateful for the support of partner churches who either included us in their budget or chose to give toward our work, as well as the many new general and monthly donors who began supporting PiE in 2021.

Looking forward into 2022, we have an ambitious fundraising target set before us. The federal government subsidies we have received over the last two years do not carry forward into 2022 and we will be looking to bring back past fundraising avenues as well as investigating new granting opportunities to support our programs. Our plans for 2022 include bringing back our online auction and continuing our tradition of hosting Bible Trivia for Grown-ups in the fall!

We are grateful for the continued support of our monthly donors and supporters. We couldn’t do this work without you!

Financial Summary

The fiscal year ended December 31, 2021

Thanking Church Donors

PiE is grateful to Mennonite Church of Eastern Canada (MCEC) for their foundational and ongoing support of our ministry. We are also so grateful for the support of the Basilian Human Development Fund.

There are many churches that offer support to PiE’s work in a variety of ways. Thank you!

For including us in their budgets: Stirling Ave Mennonite Church, W-K United Mennonite Church, Erb St Mennonite Church, Mannheim Mennonite Church, and Waterloo North Mennonite Church.

For shared space and contributing funds to particular projects: W-K United Mennonite Church, Erb St Mennonite Church, and Shantz Mennonite Church.