Opening Whatever….a prayer

Opening whatever, could simply gain passage through a door
Opening whatever, could be as banal as getting some peanut butter

Opening whatever, could bring back the memories of past hurts and pain

Opening whatever, could be an opening prayer
Opening whatever, could give God’s Great Spirit access to your heart
Opening whatever, may allow God to change your mind

Opening whatever, your hands may be full of love and peace
Opening whatever, may surprise you in ways you couldn’t even dream of

Opening whatever, may show you the beauty in the bloom of a flower

Opening whatever, may show the world how beautiful you truly are

*Editor’s Note: This prayer is in response to a call from Queer Theology to participate in a “synchroblog” where LGBTQ+ Christians can reflect on their “Queer Calling”. “What does your queerness or transness call you to do and be in the world?” To read more submissions from around the world go here!*

Emily Leyland in a past life was a software engineer who worked on low level software. She is an involved member of Stirling Ave. Mennonite Church, a volunteer at Saturday Suppers, as well as being a member of PiE and Feminist Bible Study. Emily is an out and proud transsexual and has been transitioning for the last six years. Emily regularly plays classical guitar with the hope of studying musical performance art at a university level.

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