16 Pictures of PiE from 2016

Most of the daily interactions that happen at PiE never get photographed. A spiritual conversation in a coffee shop, a sermon at a local church, an evening bible study, a conversation over the blog, a gathering to lament on the first Sunday of Advent, these things are for the most part undocumented. We do, however, have a few wonderful pictures that capture the spirit of PiE in 2016. Enjoy!


PiE’s weekly Feminist Bible Study gathering usually involves a lot of laughter. We also read the bible and talk about how gender impacts our lives and the church. This year we explored the book of Luke in the winter and spring, and Esther in the fall. We are looking forward to starting off 2017 with a study of Song of Solomon!


PiE partnered with Silver Lake Mennonite Camp to offer a weekend retreat for young adults called Winter Camp for Grownups. Join us for our second annual WCFG March 3-5 2017. Thanks Lauren Wallis for the photo!


Friends reconnecting at Winter Camp for Grownups. Photo by Elle Crevits.


Candlelit dinner at Winter Camp for Grownups. Photo by Elle Crevits.


At Winter Camp for Grownups we used clay to explore how our images of God are changing as we move into adulthood.


PiE spent most of 2016 housed at the Kindred Centre for Peace Advancement as part of their Incubator program for non-profit startups. We learned a lot as part of this program and we are so grateful for the community of support we found there.


Early on Easter Sunday morning we gathered on the island in Victoria Park for an Easter Sunrise Celebration. 45 of us watched the sunrise, celebrated the resurrection and then shared a potluck breakfast. Photo by Dave Klassen.


One of the many organizations we partnered with this year was Willowgrove. As part of their staff training we explored the basics of Christian/Mennonite faith. At the end of the morning they chose one word that stuck with them and wrote it on a rock.


Another organization we partnered with in 2016 was the Mennonite Spiritual Directors of Eastern Canada. Each month a different spiritual director came and led us through a spiritual practice. We call this our Exploring Your Spirituality program. At our first gathering, Patricia Wagler guided a group of approximately 20 young adults through an experience of walking of walking the labyrinth.

Body prayer.jpg

As part of our Exploring Your Spirituality group, Miriam Frey helped us experience the practices of body prayer and dance. Here we are reflecting on our experiences of movement.


Some folks from the Exploring Your Spirituality group tired out after praying through dance.


At our November Exploring Your Spirituality gathering, Cheryl Weber Good led us through an experience called “Journalling the Inner Critic.” Here are the beautiful journals she created for us.


In early December PiE had a birthday party at the Queen Street Commons to celebrate our first full year as a charitable organization. Caitie Walker was one of several young adults who shared about the impact PiE has had on her life this year. Photo by Dave Klassen.


At PiE’s birthday party, Michelle Jackett and Paul Heidebrecht from the Kindred Centre for Peace Advancement told stories from PiE’s time as participants in their Incubator program. Photo by Dave Klassen.


Local musician Richard Garvey was the musical guest at PiE’s birthday party. Photo by Dave Klassen.


As of January 1st 2017, Chris Brnjas is stepping down from his role as a pastor with PiE, and Tamara Shantz is stepping in an interim basis. Here we all are together at PiE’s birthday party. Photo by Dave Klassen.

2016 was an incredible year at PiE and it would not have happened without the support of our wonderful donors. You know who you are. Thank you! Click here if you would like become a one time or monthly donor to help make 2017 an even more transformative year in the lives of young people in Waterloo Region through the work of PiE.


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