Taking a break

Hello PiE blog-readers.

It is now August – the summer is passing us by quickly!

We just want to share with you that the blog will be on hiatus for this whole month as we rest, recharge and rejuvenate for September. We also want to use the time to think about changing the direction and thrust of the blog for the coming year.

Rest is an important part to schedule into any rhythm – and as we encourage people to take rest, we also want to live that out ourselves.

Writing a post every week is a lot of work and it takes a lot of creative energy!

Thank you for reading and for your insights and comments and contributions to the PiE blog. It’s been fun to see how it’s taken off this past year!

If you would like to share your thoughts about how you interact with the PiE blog or what direction you think it should go – click here and do our short survey.

Otherwise – have a great August! Look for new content from us come September!


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