Wisdom, Love and Justice: A Prayer for Saskatoon

It’s already begun, God.

we drive, we fly,

to Saskatoon.

Towards an assembled church.

We are passionate and nervous.

We are eager and reserved.

Living one,

God who’s presence we crave,

draw near to us.


The future of the Mennonite Church is a mystery to us,

and yet we feel the weight of decisions this week.

Living one,

God who’s wisdom we seek,

draw near to us.


We long to reflect your love in our intimate relationships,

and yet we don’t agree what that love looks like.

Living one,

God who’s love we desire,

draw near to us.


Oppression and injustice are very real,

to indigenous communities in Canada,

to Palestinian communities in the West Bank,

and yet the path to solidarity is complicated.

Living one,

God who’s justice we long for,

draw near to us.


Merciful God,

calm our restless hearts,

banish fear,

destroy apathy,

fill every heart with hope,

as we seek to be your church together!


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