What’s next for the PiE blog?

Hello everyone,

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the PiE blog over the last few months. We’ve enjoyed writing and editing posts for you!

But we need your input to know what to do next.

So in lieu of a blog post, this week we’re asking you to tell us what you think!

Our reader survey shouldn’t take you more than 2 minutes – and your thoughts and insights would be greatly appreciated.

Click on this link to do the very quick survey – thank you so much for your thoughts!

In case you’re wondering more about the blog.

For the stats people – we’ve posted 80 blog posts since last June. We had no idea the blog would be such an important part of PiE’s work!

27 of those have been by our awesome guest bloggers from the wider community in Waterloo Region. We’re now running short on guest bloggers, so if you want to contribute (or just ask questions about contributing)- send me an email at chris@pastorsinexile.org. Our guest bloggers have averaged around 150 views per article – so your blog post will be read!

Our site has also averaged around 1,840 views per month since September, with over 900 unique visitors each month in total.

Our posts have been asking questions, deconstructing, providing new insight, and offering a voice for those who are looking for new expressions of Christian faith, spirituality, and/or belief in Waterloo Region.

We’re looking forward to producing more great content for you in the months to come! And don’t forget to fill out our survey!



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