What does Resurrection mean the other 364 days of the year?

What now?

Easter is over (unless you get to stay home because its Easter Monday).

Jesus is alive.

Newsflash: this happened 1,985 years ago, bro! How is this still news?

We remembered – we did our duty to the “On this day…” section. We’ll do it all again next year. Can we get on with our lives?

Yes. Yes you can. That’s the point.

Life triumphs over death.

Love over violence.

Peace over hatred.

You’ve been living long enough – surely you know by now what gives life and what gives death. Surely you know the difference; and surely you try to do as much that is life-giving and as little that takes away life – from yourself and others.

We all talk big; if our social media commentary is any indication we know fully well what is right and what is wrong. We cry public laments when death’s oppressive and evil power triumphs over life, love and freedom, and publicly show people as much as possible that we are prophets of a new world.

But the trick isn’t in what we say – it’s how we live it out!


Resurrection is everywhere; it affects everything in life. Resurrection is not just an eternal promise for our post-apocalyptic future. It is new life. It is transformation.

New life in the air we breathe – we choose to breathe it in and breathe it in in well; we oppose forces that seek to choke it out.

New life in the water we drink – we drink it and protect it, and oppose those that poison and restrict it’s accessibility.

New life in the food we consume – consuming no more than what is needed, and pushing ourselves to always grow in our choices.

New life in how we treat others – people are not objects to be manipulated and used, but are there for mutual-beneficial relationship to be loved and respected.

New life in how we treat wildlife – we are stewards of creation, a God-given task which we have instead used to sin repeatedly against God’s beautiful creatures.

New life in how we treat our bodies – we take care of what’s been given to us, and we compassionately lay our life down for others.

New life in how we pray – we pray ceaselessly for God to bring new life against the powers that oppress, perpetuate evil, and spread confusion.

New life in how we create – law and religion are already written on our hearts, so we create and innovate freely in God’s playground of creation.

New life in how we worship – in extreme gratefulness that because of this good news we do not live in a bleak and absurd existence – but Christ’s life affirms that God is indeed unconditional love.

New life in how we do community – to find others who share in our hope and work as a team to add our gifts together to change the world around us

New life in a promise – that God will someday redeem all creation, and we will not look into the future and see only death and destruction, but see a future with hope and love and creation that goes on forever and ever.

All of creation is redeemed through the affirmation of Jesus’ resurrection. What would it actually look like if we actually lived that out? I think it would look pretty good.




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