Memories from Winter Camp for Grownups

Update: Join us for Winter Camp for Grownups 2018! March 2nd to 4th. Click here for more information and to register. 

What happens when a pack of 20 somethings is let loose on Silver Lake Mennonite Camp for 48 hours? Good things! This past weekend, PiE teamed up with Silver Lake to offer “Winter Camp for Grownups.” Imagine summer camp, but in the winter, and all the campers are young adults. Thanks to Silver Lake for your beautiful facility and delicious food, to Mennonite Savings and Credit Union for sponsoring the weekend, and to all of the campers that came out to make this weekend a success! Thanks also to Elle Crevits and Lauren Wallis who took these beautiful photos.

WCFG 2016 Icecap

We walked on water at Lake Huron.

WCFG 2016 silly

We played in the snow for hours.

Dylan and Lauren

We made new friends.

Cass and Dylan

We reconnected with old friends.

Board Games

We played board games.


We coloured.


We sang by the fire.


We enjoyed a candlelit dinner.


We talked about where we find meaning and purpose in life.


We explored how our images of God have changed now that we are grownups.

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